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IHE 2008

Exhibition Review

The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition And Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition

Time: 2018-10-25 17:28   Source: IFE China   Clicks:

Date: Sep 21-23, 2011
Venue: Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre
Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Room 201, Yin yan Building, No.25, Yan ling Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 
Post Code: 510507
Tel: +86-20-61089350
Fax: +86-20-61089459
Exhibition Profile:
1.Exhibitors areas extended to 21200 square metres. Domestic area was about 13300 square metres and oversea area was about   7900square metres.
2.685 exhibitors took part in our exhibition?? 487 domestic exhibitors and 198 oversea exhibitors
3. 38576 visitors visited our exhibition, 34770 domestic and 3806 foreign visitors
4. 573reprentatives attended in our exhibiton, 381 from domestic area and 192 from abroad

I Exhibition General Profile:
??685 exhibitors took part in our exhibition. They came from China, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Spanish, Korea, Gemany, USA, UK, France, Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on from 36 different countries and region.
?? 38576 professional visitors visited our exhibition. They came from UK, Australia, Korea, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Canada, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and 30 different provices in mainland.
II Exhibitors Proportion:(Note: Import food companies except China mainland companies)
Exhibitor Proportion:
Wine and beverage: 15.6%
Snack food: 16.3%
Instant food: 1.9%
Green and organic food: 23.4%
Health food: 8.8%
Import food: 31.4%
Others: 2.6%
III Exhibitors Analysis:
The result was made by the questionare and telphone communication:
1 exhibitor??s targets proportion:
To show the new products   50.5%      to seek agents and dealers 87.4%
To show company image   75.6%      to meet the regular customers  52.3%
To expand new business   72.3%        to estimate market prospects 52.3%

2. Exhibitors reaction to visitors:
Highly satisfied: 34.6%:
Reach target: 72.4%:
Unsatisfied: 1%.
3. expected sales:
According to exhibitors?? data, this exhibition will create RMB 56.3 billion trading volumn.
4.exhibitors?? satisfation to exhibition:
It is widely believed that this exhibition organizers worked efficiently provided timely and consideratete service, built the beautiful venue layout and booth, helped enterprises to improve their image, 96.5% exhibitors reached their expected effect.IV IV Visitors?? Analysis:
This exhibition attracted 32600 professional visitors. 82% of the visitors gained the sufficent market information and would like to visit the following exhibition.
1. visitors?? proportion analysis during this exhibition 
Date                No. Person          Proportion
Sep 21 st, 2011      24783             64.24%
Sep 22 nd, 2011      9666              25.06%
Sep 23rd, 2011         4127            10.7%

2. visitors?? analysis according to the area:
Area( No.)    No. Person    Proportion
South China   21268    55%
Central China   4243     11%
North China     5401     14%
East China    2700     7%
North East  727       2%
South West 1158      3%
Oversea  3806      8%

3. Visitors?? Analysis according to the company:
Type of company     No. Person   proportion
Agent             23531       61%
Export              6558        17%
KA Sales Market      3472        9%
Reserch                 1157         3%
Producer                 1543         4%
Others           2315         6%        Images