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Team Training of “Sales skills upgrading and customer demands mining” has been successfully concluded

Time: 2015-09-06 00:00   Source: IFE China   Clicks:


August 30, 2015, organized by the Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. "sales combat skills upgrading and customer demands mining” management training courses carried out smoothly in the poly hotel on the first floor conference room no. 3.

The training is part of the company's staff training, departments and employees a total of more than 40 people attended the training, the training involves many aspects and the training needs of employees at all levels of the company have been the greatest satisfaction. 

So as to better improve the level of enterprise overall marketing, meet the strategic needs of enterprises, enhance staff ability, create a full of learning atmosphere and lay a good foundation for the company's development and growth, especially on the training carried out the program about the marketing backbone Chen Yuming, "Sales combat skills upgrading and customer demands mining" to help market line managers and key personnel to better grasp the market situation, in order to get more accurately understand and implement the company's strategic intent and achieve effective implementation of corporate strategy

The teacher is the instructor Chen Yuming 2013 Global 500 business schools "TOP100"training experts, marketing power expert, industry-renowned lecturer. He focused on the field of full service marketing strategy and severed as the deputy general manager of apparel sales in the jinhua dextrys, dressed as the Beijing-Zhuhai Spirit Group brand strategy director, vice president of marketing, director of Hangzhou, cloth art co., LTD. As a general manager and has many years of teaching experience, is the most professional in the marketing industry, one of the most practical significance of trainers at present and the curriculum having strong inspiring and practical.

The training "sales combat skills upgrading and customer demands mining" course attendance rate 100%, course satisfaction 83.56%, the overall effect is good, so as to make the marketing staff to grasp the core knowledge and accomplishment, and improves the marketing of each module key contacts, the key driving point, critical control points and other marketing skills, which make the participants in their future marketing efforts have great significance. (Training worry-free teaching centers * Human Resources)