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About China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA)

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) was established in September 1988. The membership of CFNA has exceeded 6900 companies, among which 48 are members of the executive standing committee and 149 are members of the executive committee. Its membership, covering all parts of China, is composed of the largest and most representative companies and a large number of small and medium size enterprises. The chamber of commerce has set up 47 chambers of commodities, all of which have a nation-wide membership. The members are composed of companies targeting domestic and international markets. They can also be categorized as growing, farming and processing enterprises, science institutes, and agricultural associations at local levels. In terms of ownership, CFNA’s membership includes state owned, foreign invested and private companies, as well as some international members. The members of CFNA represent the status and power of China’s agricultural, forestry, food and farm industry.

China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA)

China Food Industry Association (CNFIA), established by the state council on October 29, 1981, is an authorized organization in the food industry. Over the years,ithas been in close contact with food enterprises and has done a lot of effective work in assisting the government to promote the sustainable, stable and coordinated development of the food industry in China.Its main function is to assist the government in integrated planning and coordination of the food industry. It also involves in the construction of China’s food safety law and industrial standardization.

China Nutrition and Health Food Association(CNHFA)

(CNHFA) is a national, industrial and non-profit organization managed by China Food and Drug Administration. It is jointly initiated by domestic and international leading nutrition and health food enterprises, scientific research institution and inspection institution. CNHFA aims to establish a government-led, member co-construction, participation of all social forces, focus on nutrition and health food industry nationwide social group, by providing guidance, consulting and information services, to provide intellectual support for the government, enterprises and industries, thus regulating market behavior, leading enterprises healthy and orderly development, and promote industrial quality and efficiency upgrades.

Informa Exhibitions

With over 200 trade and consumer exhibitions annually, Informa Exhibitions is a global market leader in such end markets as Boating, Beauty, Construction & Real Estate, Design, Life Sciences, Maritime, Health & Nutrition, Natural Products, Agriculture and Pop Culture. Through face to face and digital channels, our transaction-oriented exhibitions and trade shows enable communities to engage, experience and do business. In doing so, we bring together people who want to buy and sell, network, do business and gain inspiration. Our industry insight, coupled with our innovative and entre preneurial approach, provides them with the opportunity to create business advantage and access markets.