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Post Show Report — The 22nd World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Expo 2023


  • China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuff, Native Produce and Animal By-products (CNFA)
  • National Rural Industry Integration and Development Alliance
  • Guangdong Health Industry Promotion Association
  • GuangDong Food Circulate Association
  • Guangdong Organic Agriculture Association
  • Guangdong Institute of Food Science and Technology (GDIFST)
  • Guangzhou Huangpu Distinct Food Safety Association
  • Guangdong Agriculture Industrialization Association
  • Rural Revitalization Committee
  • South China Regional Center for Cantonese Cuisine Heritage and Promotion


  • Bord Bia
  • Aegean Exporters’ Associations
  • Associazione Nazionale Industriali Conserve Alimentari Vegetali(ANICAV)
  • Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan(REAP)
  • CzechTrade
  • Italian Trade Agency
  • Invest in Spain
  • InvestChile
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Republic of Poland
  • International Olive Oil Council
  • Wuchang Municipal People's Government
  • Department of commerce of Jiangxi Province
  • Changchun Municipal Commerce Bureau
  • Gansu Province Longnan Municipality
  • Heilongjiang Qing'an County People's Government
  • Shangri-La Deqin County
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei Province
  • Administration of Grain of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jiangxi Province
  • Department of Commerce of Jilin Province, China
  • Department of Commerce of Jilin Province, China
  • National Association of Grain Sector of Hubei Province
  • Guangdong Organic Agriculture Associatio


  • Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Space
Professional buyers

Exhibitors are enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition, and the future can be expected

On 11 June 2023, the 22nd Guangzhou World Ecological Agricultural and Food successfully concluded at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. As a benchmark exhibition in the agricultural product and food industry, WAF World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food exhibiting, distribution, project collaboration, information exchange, resource integration, and brand promotion of agricultural product and food enterprises, major industry achievements, and technological advancements. It created a comprehensive platform for the development of the entire agricultural product and food industry chain and promoted the standardized and systematic development of the agricultural product and food industry, effectively driving the vigorous development of the agricultural product and food industry. During the three-day event, the WAF brought together domestic and overseas well-known exhibitors, including agricultural product and food brands, producers, and machinery suppliers, presenting an efficient industry event for new product launches, product procurement, brand promotion, and expanding overseas and domestic markets in the agricultural product and food industry industry. The expo deepened the integration of the entire agricultural product and food industry chain and precisely invited professional buyers to visit and negotiate on-site, facilitating accurate connections between exhibitors and potential purchasing needs, uncovering more business cooperation opportunities, and assisting in building and promoting grain and oil enterprise brands. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the distinguished guests, domestic and overseas exhibitors, partners, and audience for their generous love and support for this exhibition.


Exhibiting Goals

Exhibitor brands

Featured Sectors

High-Quality Agricultural ProductsOrganic Food
Natural FoodNatural Eco-friendly Products
High-Quality Food and BeveragesIndustry Chain Support


Survey for Exhibitors

This exhibition is lively, with major well-known brands gathered on-site, making it an essential platform for exhibitors to explore new business opportunities and launch new products. The three-day event has built an efficient bridge for business connections, achieving a satisfaction rate of over 98% among exhibitors. Moreover, more than 77% of exhibitors on-site have expressed their willingness to book exhibition booths for the next year, showing a significant increase compared to last year.

Visitors by Regions

Visitors Source

Visiting Categories

Visiting Objectives

VIP Buyers

VIP Group Buyers

  • Famous Chef Committee of China Cuisine Association
  • Guangdong Provincial Association of Grain Sector
  • GuangDong Food Circulate Association
  • Global e-commerce (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,
  • Hong Kong International of China Commerce Community Association
  • Guangdong East Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters
  • Guangzhou Cuisine Association
  • China Guangzhou Western Food Association, Guangzhou Food Industry Association
  • Wengyuan County Agricultural Production and Processing Industry Association
  • Zhongshan City Catering Chamber of Commerce Sha Xi Gourmet Cultural Association
  • Foshan Nanhai Catering Service Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Area Catering Trade Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Cuisine Association
  • Shenzhen Catering Service Trade Association
  • Guangdong Agriculture Industrialization Association
  • Foshan Gaoming Dining Profession Association
  • GZPY Restaurant & Catering Association
  • Jiangmen Cuisine Association
  • Dongguan Grain Association
  • Huizhou Food Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Food Industry Association
  • Shunde Restaurant Association
  • Yangjiang Cuisine Association
  • Yunfu Dietetic Association
  • Zhanjiang Cook Association
  • Zhuhai Restaurant Association
  • Heshan Dietetic Association
  • Qingyuan Cuisine Association
  • Caozhou Cuisine Association
  • Dongguan Lawei Industry Association
  • Shunde Dietetic Association
  • Huizhou Cuisine Association
  • Heyuan Cuisine Association
  • Guangning Food and Beverage Association
  • HongKong Cooking Association
  • Sihui Restaurant Association
  • Heshan Dining Industry Association
  • Guangdong Julonghui Catering Association
  • Zaoqing Cook Association
  • Luoding Catering Business Association
  • Guangning Cook Association
  • Huaiji Catering Association
  • Shaoguan Catering and Cuisine Association
  • Nanhai Food and Beverage Association
  • Shenzhen Food and Beverage Association
  • Xintan Food and Beverage Association
  • Emerging Food and Beverage Association
  • Shunde Longjiang Food Safety Association
  • Foshan Shunde Dietetic Association
  • Yangjiang Food and Beverage Industry Association
  • Food Tourism Promotion Association
  • Shunde Lunjiao Dietetic Association
  • Shunde Ronggui Restaurant Association
  • Le Liu Street Dietetic Association
  • Meizhou Dietetic Association
  • Le Cong Food Safety Association
  • Foshan Shunde Cook Association
  • ... ...

Visitor Testimonials

Conferences and Special Events

The 22nd World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Expo featured a variety of activities in different content dimensions, with over 100 brands participating and more than 3,500 attendees present. Each session was almost filled to capacity with eager listeners and active participation. Their displays and insights sparked new inspirations for professionals in the health industry, triggering fresh opportunities and opening up novel perspectives for the future of the health ecosystem, while also paving the way for new collaborations within the industry.

► WAF 2023 Award Ceremony

The WAF 2023 Award Ceremony aims to highlight the core values of brands and is committed to encouraging companies to create and innovate more high-quality brands and products. Over a hundred industry authorities, including members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, influential leaders, experts, scholars, and representatives from enterprises, attended the awards ceremony. By recognizing outstanding brands, the ceremony effectively promotes the healthy, safe, and innovative development of the agricultural product and food industry.

► Panjin Rice “Red Beach No.1” Promotion Conference

The Conference is organized by the Panjin Industrial and Commercial Federation and Panjin Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd. It aims to promote the “Red Beach No.1” Panjin Rice to consumers nationwide. “Red Beach No.1” rice is a high-quality rice launched by the Panjin Municipal People’s Government based on the principles of excellent variety, improved quality, brand building, value enhancement, and increased income for the people, following the concept of "seeds as the guide, resources as core, and key focus on branding". It represents a significant breakthrough in the field of rice.

► 2023 China Prepared Food International Conference

The 2023 China Health Prepared Food (Prepared Vegetables) International Conference, themed "Integrating Intelligence and Converging Forces, Shaping the Future of Prepared Foods," is led by academicians, expert scholars, entrepreneurs, and online platform experts in the field of prepared vegetables. The conference focuses on challenging and trending issues in the development of the prepared food industry, including research and development of healthy functional prepared vegetables, prepared vegetables and health industry, food safety and regulation of prepared vegetables, industrialized production technology, market strategies, industrial park planning, and the import and export of prepared vegetables. By bringing together government, industry, academia, and research, this conference aims to stimulate innovative ideas and create a specialized and internationally-oriented platform for communication, fostering the high-quality integration and development of China's health industry and prepared food industry.

► Hohhot Economic and Trade Exchange Conference

The Hohhot Economic and Trade Exchange Conference is organized by the Hohhot Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) with the theme of promoting the advantages of Hohhot's health industry and attracting investment in the health industry. It aims to promote local high-quality health brands and products and facilitate the expansion of enterprises into the national market.

► 2023 "Guizhou Brand" Promotion Conference in Guangzhou

In recent years, Guizhou Province has vigorously promoted the development of "Guizhou Brand" ethnic cultural industry brands by leveraging local resource advantages and ethnic characteristics. It has established a distinctive brand system for the ethnic cultural industry with Guizhou characteristics. The "Guizhou Brand" Promotion Conference featured the exchange of procurement agreements for "Guizhou Brand" branded products and a segment dedicated to introducing "Guizhou Brand" brand enterprises, showcasing a wide range of high-quality products. This initiative aims to accelerate the high-quality development of the ethnic cultural industry and the economy in ethnic regions, promote the market presence of Guizhou products, and contribute to rural revitalization.

Industrial Media

Media Cooperation

WAF China continues to innovate the content and form of communication. By radiating more than 100 industry medias around the world, intensive campaign and high-frequency reports throughout the year, the latest highlights and latest trends are timely pushed, and multiple measures are taken to strengthen the international voice and comprehensively disseminate IGO China's super strength continues to expand the global influence of the exhibition.