The 24th World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Industry Exhibition 2025

12-14 June 2025

China Import and Export Fair Complex

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The 23th World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Exhibition was concluded on 14-16 June 2024

The 23rd World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Industry Expo 2024

14-16 June 2024

China Import & Export Fair Complex

WAF -- The 23rd World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Industry Expo 2024




  • Bord Bia
  • Aegean Exporters’ Associations
  • Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan(REAP)
  • CzechTrade
  • Italian Trade Agency
  • Invest in Spain
  • InvestChile
  • International Olive Oil Council
  • Wuchang Municipal People's Government
  • Changchun Municipal Commerce Bureau
  • Shangri-La Deqin County
  • Associazione Nazionale Industriali Conserve Alimentari Vegetali(ANICAV)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Republic of Poland
  • Heilongjiang Qing'an County People's Government
  • National Association of Grain Sector of Hubei Province
  • Department of commerce of Jiangxi Province
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hebei Province
  • Administration of Grain of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jiangxi Province
  • Department of Commerce of Jilin Province, China
  • Department of Commerce of Jilin Province, China
  • Gansu Province Longnan Municipality
  • Guangdong Organic Agriculture Associatio

Market Preview

Market Preview

The data shows that in 2023, the total output value of China's agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery reached 15.6 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 6.1%. In the same year, large-scale agricultural product processing enterprises achieved a total operating income of over 18.5 trillion yuan, marking a year-on-year increase of 24%. The 20th National Party Congress Report clearly outlines the ambitious strategic goal of accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country. Agricultural and rural departments at all levels have diligently implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, promoting the transformation of agricultural products from "primary processing" to "deep processing" and facilitating the growth and strengthening of the agricultural product processing and distribution industry. Against the backdrop of the sustained recovery and improvement of the national economy, the consumption of agricultural products is also experiencing continuous growth. The vitality of residents' consumption continues to be unleashed, and the agricultural product industry is expected to embark on a new round of industrial and consumption upgrading.

Why Exhibiting ?

2023 Facts and Figuresures

    Visitors by Region

  • South China70%
  • East China7%
  • North China6%
  • Southwest China6%
  • Central China5%
  • Northeast China2%
  • Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan2%
  • Northwest China1%
  • Overseas1%

    Title of Visitors

  • Distributors/Dealers28%
  • Wholesaler/Agricultural products marke22%
  • Supermarket/Chain store18%
  • E-commerce/Community group buying13%
  • Agricultural product processing factory10%
  • Catering/Hotel6%
  • Import & Export Trading Company4%
  • Government/Association/Organization3%
  • Others2%

Renowned Brands and Pavilions

Renowned Brands and Pavilions

Exhibitor Testimonials

VIP Buyer Groups

  • Famous Chef Committee of China Cuisine Association
  • Guangdong Provincial Association of Grain Sector
  • GuangDong Food Circulate Association
  • Global e-commerce (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,
  • Hong Kong International of China Commerce Community Association
  • Guangdong East Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters
  • Guangzhou Cuisine Association
  • China Guangzhou Western Food Association, Guangzhou Food Industry Association
  • Wengyuan County Agricultural Production and Processing Industry Association
  • Zhongshan City Catering Chamber of Commerce Sha Xi Gourmet Cultural Association
  • Foshan Nanhai Catering Service Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Area Catering Trade Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Cuisine Association
  • Shenzhen Catering Service Trade Association
  • Guangdong Agriculture Industrialization Association
  • Foshan Gaoming Dining Profession Association
  • GZPY Restaurant & Catering Association
  • Jiangmen Cuisine Association
  • Dongguan Grain Association
  • Huizhou Food Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Food Industry Association
  • Shunde Restaurant Association
  • Yangjiang Cuisine Association
  • Yunfu Dietetic Association
  • Zhanjiang Cook Association
  • Zhuhai Restaurant Association
  • Heshan Dietetic Association
  • Qingyuan Cuisine Association
  • Caozhou Cuisine Association
  • Dongguan Lawei Industry Association
  • Shunde Dietetic Association
  • Huizhou Cuisine Association
  • Heyuan Cuisine Association
  • Guangning Food and Beverage Association
  • HongKong Cooking Association
  • Sihui Restaurant Association
  • Heshan Dining Industry Association
  • Guangdong Julonghui Catering Association
  • Zaoqing Cook Association
  • Luoding Catering Business Association
  • Guangning Cook Association
  • Huaiji Catering Association
  • Shaoguan Catering and Cuisine Association
  • Nanhai Food and Beverage Association
  • Shenzhen Food and Beverage Association
  • Xintan Food and Beverage Association
  • Emerging Food and Beverage Association
  • Shunde Longjiang Food Safety Association
  • Foshan Shunde Dietetic Association
  • Yangjiang Food and Beverage Industry Association
  • Food Tourism Promotion Association
  • Shunde Lunjiao Dietetic Association
  • Shunde Ronggui Restaurant Association
  • Le Liu Street Dietetic Association
  • Meizhou Dietetic Association
  • Le Cong Food Safety Association
  • Foshan Shunde Cook Association

Key buyers include...

Key buyers include...

Conference and special events

► Panjin Rice “Red Beach No.1” Promotion Conference

The Conference is organized by the Panjin Industrial and Commercial Federation and Panjin Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd. It aims to promote the “Red Beach No.1” Panjin Rice to consumers nationwide. “Red Beach No.1” rice is a high-quality rice launched by the Panjin Municipal People’s Government based on the principles of excellent variety, improved quality, brand building, value enhancement, and increased income for the people, following the concept of "seeds as the guide, resources as core, and key focus on branding". It represents a significant breakthrough in the field of rice.

► Hohhot Economic and Trade Exchange Conference

The Hohhot Economic and Trade Exchange Conference is organized by the Hohhot Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) with the aim of promoting the advantages of Hohhot's agricultural product industry and attracting investment in the industry. It aims to promote local high-quality agricultural brands and products and facilitate the expansion of enterprises into the national market.

► 2023 "Guizhou Brands” Promotion Conference in Guangzhou

In recent years, Guizhou Province has vigorously promoted the development of "Guizhou Brands" ethnic cultural industry brands by leveraging local resource advantages and ethnic characteristics. It has established a distinctive brand system for the ethnic cultural industry with Guizhou characteristics. The "Guizhou Brands" Product Promotion Conference featured the exchange of procurement agreements for "Guizhou Brands" products and a segment dedicated to introducing "Guizhou Brands" enterprises, showcasing a wide range of high-quality products. This initiative aims to accelerate the high-quality development of the ethnic cultural industry and the economy in ethnic regions, promote the market presence of Guizhou products, and contribute to rural revitalization.

Exhibits Categories

High-Quality Agricultural Products Representative Green, Ecological, and Agricultural Products from Various Regions, Government Representatives from Different Provinces, National Organic Demonstration Counties/Districts, Precisely Targeted Organic Products for Poverty Alleviation, Geographical Indication Products (Ningxia Goji Berries, Camellia Oil, Wuchang Rice, Xinjiang Dates, Leling Jujubes, Huoshan Dendrobium, Huazhou Red Oranges, Fengqiu Raspberries, West Lake Dragon Well Tea, Zhengyang Peanuts, etc.), Imported Ecological Agricultural Products and Foods from Along the Belt and Road, etc.
Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, Mushroom, Potatoes, Nuts, dried&dehydrated fruit, Fresh convenience products, Fresh herbs, spices, sprouts, Flower & plants, Organic products, Frozen fruits and vegetables, etc.
Bee Products Honey, Propolis, Natural Bee Products, Processed Honey Products, Honey-Based Foods, Honey-Based Beverages, Royal Jelly Oral Liquid, Beekeeping Equipment, Beekeeping Technology, Beekeeping Machinery, Bee Product Packaging Design, Bee Product Health Chain Institutions, Beekeeping Factories, Cooperatives, etc.
Antibiotic-Free Livestock and Poultry Products Antibiotic-Free Meat such as Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Antibiotic-Free Eggs, Dairy Cows and Dairy Products, Antibiotic-Free Herbal Farming Techniques, Herbal Layer Hens, Antibiotic-Free Broiler Farming Techniques, Functional Biologic (Fermentation) Feed Antibiotic-Free Farming Techniques, Antibiotic-Free Farming Techniques for Biologic Enzymes, etc.
Organic Food All agricultural and sideline products and their processed products certified by national and overseas organic food certification organizations, including organic vegetables and grains, organic meat and poultry, organic tea, organic fresh and dried fruits, goji berries, mushrooms, organic processed foods, beverages, health supplements, and nutritional products, etc.
Natural Food Rice, meat, fruits and vegetables, marine products, oils, beverages, tea (green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, dark tea, organic tea, regenerated tea, extract tea, concentrated tea, health tea, blood pressure-lowering tea, etc.), dairy products, soy milk products, red dates, mushrooms, wild walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, spirulina, new resource foods, vegetarian products (vegetarian ingredients, vegetarian products, health foods, vegetarian snacks, vegetarian restaurants), seasonings, etc.
High-Quality Food and Beverages Pre-packaged Food, Imported Food, Fruit Juices, Beverages, etc.
Natural Eco-friendly Products Domestic and Imported Natural Foods and Products, Natural Ingredients and Additives, Indigenous Ecological Foods and Products, Ecological Raw Materials and Additives, etc.
Industry Chain Support Biological and Organic Inputs, Pest Control Solutions, Design, Packaging, and other related products for the industry, Testing Equipment, Agricultural Information Technology, Agricultural E-commerce, and more.


China Import and Export Fair Complex · Pazhou · Guangzhou

Address:No.380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

China Import and Export Fair Complex · Pazhou ·  Guangzhou

The World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Exhibition (WAF China) has been held in China Import and Export Fair Complex every year, Since the 13rd exhibition in 2013.

Stand Prices & Facilities

Stand Type 1

Stand Type/Price

Raw space
USD 330/sqm


Location close to the entrance/exit or main corridor.
Exhibitors bear the cost of booth construction.

Stand Type 2

Stand Type/Price

Premuim booth with one side open
USD 3,608/9sqm

Premuim booth with corner
USD 3,968/9sqm


1 information counter
1 display cabinet
1 meeting table
4 chairs
1 dustbin
1 electric socket (220V and 500W)
Stand Type 3

Stand Type/Price

Scheme booth with one side open
USD 2,500/9sqm

Scheme booth with corner
USD 2,750/9sqm


1 information counter
2 chairs
2 fluorescent lamps
1 dustbin
1 electric socket (220V and 500W)
*The actual facilities is subject to the exhibition contract


Catalogue Advertisement
Catalogue Advertisement
Front cover USD 4,600
The second front cover USD 2,000
The third front cover USD 2,100
Inside color page USD 1,000
Other Advertisement
Other Advertisement
Exhibitor badge(single page) USD 5,000/per Color printing
Visitor badge(single page) USD 8,400/per Color printing
Gift bag(single color printing) USD 3,400/5THS Total 30THS
Visiting Ticket Back Adv.(single page) USD 850/10THS Total 300THS
Visiting invitation letter(back cover) USD 1,650/10THS Total 50THS
Floor Sticker USD 1,000/per
Visitors/Exhibitors Badge Rope Adv.(Logo Single Face)
Product Introduction Meeting
Product Introduction Meeting
Exhibitors USD 1,800/Session (30 mins)
Non–Exhibitors USD 3,600/Session (30 mins)
Appoint hours should be chargedUSD 1,000

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