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Rapid growth of the number of tea export record farms in Guizhou

Time: 2020-02-25

According to the latest data released by the General Administration of Customs, as of October 12, there were 1006 tea export record plantations nationwide, with 133 newly increased, an increase of 15.23% over the first half of the year. The distribution of provinces is as follows: 356 in Fujian, 129 in Yunnan, 128 in Zhejiang, 92 in Hubei, 91 in Guizhou, 48 in Anhui, 45 in Jiangxi, 36 in Hunan, 24 in Guangxi, 14 in Sichuan, 10 in Henan, 9 in Jiangsu, 8 in Shaanxi, 7 in Chongqing, 4 in Guangdong, 3 in Shandong and 2 in Hainan.